"I am amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the invention.
I confirm my entire satisfaction of this Chilly Cockroach Trap.
I.P. Gandhi
The Chief Engineer
Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.

Chilly India is dedicated to build durable and resistive cockroach traps, drainage, plumbing material & many more made up of alloy (i.e; Stainless Steel). It reduces the usage of chemicals and pesticides in houses and people crowded areas. Moreover durability features makes chilly's products cost effective & eco friendly...Visit Chilly's Page and explore products...Here

IntelloTECH is dedicated to innovate and develop building related materials. Whether you are building house, or renovating one, IntelloTECH is making the variety of things consistantly which can provide tensile strength to houses, starting from clamp to electrical accessories. Explore, install once and forget for long, IntelloTECH products...Here

We, the venture comprising; Chilly & IntelloTECH; both, are considering the customer's satisfaction by providing high quality of goods and services. Our engineers are consistantly innovationg things to develop products which can ease individual finance as well as health. Try our products. Give us a chance to serve you. Contact us....Here