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Best Tips While Buying a Replacement Manhole Cover

Manholes are extremely imperative for maintenance and upkeep of the underground sewer systems. Manholes are present in both commercials as well as residential setups. It is essential to keep them covered to ensure the safety of all occupants. The shelf-life of manhole covers is very long as they are usually very heavy-duty. A manhole cover can easily last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. However, these covers also need replacement in due course. Many factors play a role in their deterioration such as weather conditions or wear and tear. As far as the replacement of a manhole cover is concerned, it may be a tedious job simply because there are too many options available in the market. Hence, here is a simple and useful guide about things that you should keep in mind while replacing them. 

1. Choosing The Right Fit 

It is extremely important that the cover fits perfectly on top of the manhole opening. If the cover doesn’t fit the opening correctly, it may compromise the strength of the cover and prove to be unsafe for people who step on it. Even if you know the measurement of the drainhole cover, there is no harm in double-checking the same. By doing so you are less likely to spend your money on an incorrectly sized cover. The proper way to measure is to consider the height, width, and thickness of the cover. The right way to do this is to measure it across the center of the outside wall of the cover till the center of the inside wall of the cover with respect to its length and width. 

2. Choose The Right Material 

Once you know the measurement of the manhole cover, you can proceed towards choosing the material. Different materials have different durability. Depending on the benefits that each material offers, you can choose what suits you the best. The most commonly used materials include aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and cast iron.

3. Choose The Right Metal Frame  

While replacing a manhole cover you should never make use of the old metal frame used for slotting the manhole cover. It is equally important to replace the manhole frame as it is to replace the cover due to wear and tear related reasons. Also, this is a good way to make sure that the cover definitely fits into the slotting frame. It will also prevent the cover from accidentally getting dislodged from its location.  

4. Maintaining the aesthetics / looks

With new residential & commercial constructions, ground level parking space is alternatively used as recreational space for family get-togethers and playing area. Stainless Steel manhole covers (with steel finish or marble or tile insert) maintain the aesthetic values of the installation area and at the same time it is completely functional.

Stainless Steel 

CHILLY by Veer Sanitary Appliances Pvt Ltd is the 100% made in India manufacturer of sanitary and plumbing hardware. We ensure that our equipment complies best with the industry standards. All our hardware is extremely durable and value for money. 
By following the tips shared above in our blog, you can ensure the safe replacement of a manhole cover in your premises. For any product related enquiry or assistance feel free to reach out to us on call or visit our website at

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