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How To Install A Proper Drain Channel System?

Are you concerned about the standing water in your parking, driveway, boulevard, passage, or the walkaway? In such a situation, installing a proper drain channel system is the best solution for you. Drain Channel Systems are also known as trench drains or rail grating.

To make sure that they perform without any hindrances, you must follow a specific procedure of installation.

Follow this guide if you wish to know how to install a proper drain channel system.

Although there is a specific procedure that needs to be followed for installing a drain channel system, almost everyone can do it. Installing a trench drain helps you deal with drainage issues in an extremely cost-effective method. We have mentioned below a few basic steps for successful installation of the same:

The Way To Properly Install A Drain Channel System

  1. Clean The Surface 

Before you could start with the installation process of the trench drain, make sure you clean any bricks, tarmac, or paving on the surface. Cleaning the surface will pave the way for lodging the drain into the ground.  

  1. Carve A  Trench 

You will have to carve a hollow on which the trench drain can be lodged. This hollow should be deep enough to accommodate a compressed sand bed of 2 inches. Also, the width should be such that the hollow trench could accommodate 4 inches of concrete on either side. 

  1. Place The Drain 

You will need to install the drain channel at the lowermost point. This will prevent the need to cut length. The drains can be simply slotted into one another if the length needs to be extended. Once you reach the desired length, chop off the extra drain channel if the need be. Fix a cap where the highest point begins with the help of a silicone based sealant. Connect the lowest end to a drain pipe channel through which the water shall exit. 

  1. Install The Grate 

Once you are through with step 1, 2, and 3, you will need to secure the drain with the help of a grate. Attach the grate with duct tape. Now, the trench will have to be filled with concrete till 2mm on top of the grating. The grate can be removed after a minimum of 72 hours.  

Following the procedure shared above you can install a drain channel system anywhere outside your home.

We at CHILLY (Veer Sanitary Appliances Pvt Ltd) manufacture and sell premium quality trench drain and gratings that are fit for installing in all kinds of setups. These are made out of AISI 304 (18/8) grade Stainless Steel which is durable and corrosion free.

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