Best Drain Covers And Cockroach Traps To Use At Home

Best Drain Covers And Cockroach Traps To Use At Home

Whether it is your home or office, no place is safe from the most commonly found and invasive pests – cockroaches. They infest houses in search of a permanent settlement. 

Combatting a cockroach infestation can be very difficult if you lack awareness. Hence, we will spill everything that you need to know in order to get rid of them. We will tell you how they operate and which are the best drain covers and cockroach traps to use at home for getting rid of them. 

Cockroaches are nocturnal in nature. They lurk in dark and humid spots to thrive, eat, and spread. Inside homes, they can be usually located under the refrigerators, kitchen sinks, inside the washroom drain, and other nooks and crannies. Given that cockroaches are small and practically lack bones (they only have what is called exo-skeleton and it exists outside of their body) they can fit into the most narrow and tightest spots. 

So, when does an infestation actually begin? There are some signs that you can lookout for. A few of them are shared below:

  1. Feces

Out of all other evidence that you may find, cockroach droppings are the most conclusive. They defecate very often as they consume a lot of food. If you see any flat, small, and black droppings that resemble pepper flakes, there is a sure shot chance that your house is infested by roaches. The more the number of droppings, the heavier is the infestation. 

  1. Odor 

Cockroaches have a very strong stench that can turn the strongest of stomachs. The heavier the volume of infestation, the stronger the odor will be. If you smell a musty, greasy, or mildewy smell, then it is probable that your home is infested by cockroaches. Even if you smell something slightly similar do not stop at it. Instead check your home for stronger smells to rule out the possibility of heavy infestations. 

  1. Eggs 

The eggs laid by female cockroaches are capable of laying around 400 eggs. These eggs are covered in a shell known as an oothecase. So, if you find a clump of oothecases around your home, you can conclude that your house has been infested by cockroaches. The common places where you may likely to locate them is in the corner of bookshelves, under the kitchen sinks, washrooms, etc. 

  1. Nests 

Besides feces, cockroach nests are also a solid indication of infestation. They appear like sawdust and are essentially a blend of cockroach droppings and oothecases. If you spot a lot of it then there chances that particular corner of your home is infested heavily. 

Now that you have understood how to locate an infestation let us proceed towards figuring out where to locate them. 

Cockroaches occupy dark and moist spots for breeding, living, and eating. They reproduce very rapidly and infest homes and offices. If you suspect that your house is infested by cockroaches look at the following places to find their origin:


Kitchens are the best abode for cockroaches as there is nothing that is warmer, more moist, and provides continuous supply of food. This is one spot in your home where they will breed at the fastest rate. Hence, keep an eye out for them in the kitchen whenever you suspect an infestation. Make sure to check under stoves, sink, and inside cupboards. 


Washrooms are the second common abode for cockroaches given the moist origin. Try to keep your washroom floors dry at all times. Keep any stored water covered with a lid. Get rid of wet towels. If you suspect an infestation clean the drain pipes and fix all leakages. 

Dining Area

Dining areas are extremely favorable settlements for cockroaches. They offer a similar environment to that of the kitchen. Cockroaches feed on the spilled food and breed in the corner of the dining room. Check for infestation in dark corners and bottom of the dining table. 

Now that you know all the important things about an infestation we will discuss what needs to be done in order to prevent it. 

There are many ways to deal with a cockroach infestation. You can begin with keeping your home clean and dry and keep all food spillage in check. Furthermore, you can  use quick remedies such as using bay leaves, boric acid, etc. You may also use chemical repellents for keeping cockroaches at bay. However, let us warn you beforehand that none of this methods guarantee complete riddance from an infestation. 

Do not worry. We are here to help you with a foolproof alternative. 

Cockroaches enter into homes and offices commonly through drain pipes and other entryways and surrounding sewers. Hence, it is imperative that you block these entryways to prevent infestation. 

Drain Covers and Cockroach traps are the best, most durable, and cost-effective solution when it comes to fighting a cockroach infestation. Anti-Cockroach drain covers resemble mini strainers containing outer & inner filter and a grate. These can be fit inside the drain pipes and often do not require any tools for installation. These are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. However, the stainless steel ones are the most durable. 

Cockroach drain traps work on Water Lock Mechanism. Water level maintained between outer & inner filter, do not let cockroaches swim and cross the filters and enter the living spaces through drain grate.

So, are you looking to buy cockroach drain traps for your home or office by now? The next question hitting your mind must be where to buy the best drain covers and cockroach traps to use at home and office?

CHILLY by Veer Sanitary Appliances Pvt Ltd are pioneers of cockroach traps. They manufacture and sell drain covers and cockroach traps which are the best by industry standards. Floor drains covers and cockroach traps are made of high stainless steel grade AISI 304. Thus they have excellent durability. CHILLY drain covers can be customized according to design specification. Floor Drain Covers are available in gloss and matt finish. The lid is available with knobs, hinges, screws, etc. 

Some of our drain covers and cockroach trap variants are as follows: 

  1. CHILLY Cockroach Trap Vintage (CCT-RCFC-138)

Material: Stainless Steel

Outer Shape: Round

Frame Size: 138 mm

  1. CHILLY Cockroach Trap Vintage (CCT-R-127)

Material: Stainless Steel

Outer Shape: Round

Frame Size: 127 mm

  1. CCTL-R-138

Material: Stainless Steel

Outer Shape: Round

Frame Size: 138 mm

  1. CHILLY Cockroach Trap (CCT-S-255)

Material: Stainless Steel

Outer Shape: Square

Frame Size: 255 mm X 255 mm

  1. CCTL-SG-140

Material: Stainless Steel

Outer Shape: Square

Frame Size: 140 mm X 140 mm

To shop for cockroach trap and drain covers visit our website at

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