How To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches & Insects Entering Your Living Areas From The Drains In Kitchens Or Bathrooms?

Many amongst us have a phobia of cockroaches. Even for those who do not have the phobia, cockroaches are disgusting insects and can turn stomachs easily. They are the last thing that you want to see upon entering your kitchen or bathroom. Yet, they are very commonly found lurking in the drains of the sink in your kitchen or on the floors and corners of your bathroom. 

Cockroaches do not only contaminate the drains and surface of your home but also carry a lot of pathogens with them. They can prove to be exponentially dangerous than they may look. 

We often desperately try to get rid of these small insects loitering around the nooks and crannies of our homes. In the pursuit, the most common product people use is bleach. While bleach may be somewhat effective in killing the baby cockroaches (they come in all shapes and sizes), it may release extremely toxic fumes that may do more harm than good. Also, bleach works only when a cockroach comes directly in contact with it (so, please save yourself the money you may have been spending on stocking endless Clorox bottles). 

You must be wondering what to use if not bleach? Well, we have several safer and relatively convenient alternatives following which you can control the infestation of cockroaches. Here are a few of them to begin with: 

Controlling Cockroach Infestation In Your Washroom Drain Pipes 

Have you ever been to your washroom during the middle of the night only to switch on the lights and find cockroaches having a ball inside? Do you wonder why don’t you see any of them during the day? That is because they are nocturnal. They hide inside the drains or enter them through cracks and exposed crevices during the night time. 

So, if your drains need mending or have holes in them, here is how you can prevent cockroaches from entering your bathroom:

  1. Seal the faults in your drain pipes. Use duct tape or sealing compounds to cover up the holes. 
  2. Spray insect repellents down the drain and close the doors of your washroom shut after that for at least an hour. 
  3. Cover the mouths of your drains with stoppers at night. Both metal as well silicone stoppers are easily available in the sanitary stores. 
  4. Install CHILLY Cockroach Trap (CCT) on floor drains – This is an eco-friendly & one-time solution to prevent cockroaches & insects from the drain pipes. This also prevents foul odour from the drain pipes (

Controlling Cockroach Infestation In Your Kitchen Drain Pipes 

The cockroach infestation is exactly the same as in the case of washrooms. Step in at night, switch on the lights, and there shall be an army marching towards your fall. However, here’s is how you can combat cockroaches in the kitchen:

  1.  Keep the bins away from the drain pipes. Cockroaches get attracted to the garbage in them. 
  2. Keep your gas stoves and stations clean and rid of any food particles. 
  3. Always use a surface disinfectant to clean your kitchen. 
  4. Block the entry to your drains during the night. 
  5. Install CHILLY Cockroach Trap (CCT) on Kitchen drains – This is an eco-friendly & one-time solution to prevent cockroaches & insects from the drain pipes. This also prevents foul odour from the drain pipes (

These were are a few checks and measures using which you can stop cockroach invasion in your home and thus remain safe and healthy.

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