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Are Cockroach Traps And Baits Effective At Home?

If your home is invaded by cockroaches and you are looking for a solution to get rid of them then one of the first questions that might come to your mind – are cockroach traps and baits effective at home? 

Well, it is said that prevention is better than cure. Hence, you may try keeping your home clean, blocking small entryways in your home, and getting rid of stagnant water puddles wherever possible. However, once your home has been infested it might be difficult keeping cockroaches at bay by using the above said remedies. This is exactly when you will require a solution that is more durable. 

Under normal circumstances, female roaches are capable of laying upto 400 eggs irrespective of their limited lifespan. This implies that cockroaches can infest households very rapidly. So, all the aforementioned methods of preventing an infestation might seem to work at the outset. However, they will not cure it entirely. This is where you will need to ponder the effectiveness of cockroach traps and baits for your home. 

While cleaning your home may be effective for controlling the infestation to some extent, it might not be a foolproof solution. Similarly, even if you caulk the entryways, roaches might still creep in from some nook or cranny. A house laced with garbage, uncovered edibles, exposed water settlements, etc. are an open invitation for not just cockroaches but, several other insects and rodents. You will require solutions that are relatively more promising with regards to getting rid of a full-blown cockroach invasion.

Protecting your home from cockroaches or any other insects for that matter is a compound process. Hence, it is imperative that you explore the multiple ways of dealing with an infestation and take proper measures accordingly. This is where the effectiveness of traps and baits come into play. We are not saying that all traps and baits are exceptionally effective. However, that until you choose yours with proper contemplation. Don’t worry. We are here to help you with that too.       

Cockroach Sticky Gel Traps      

Sticky gel traps may sound ineffective or primitive at first, however, if used in the right manner, they are a foolproof solution. 

They are effective in controlling the infestation at its nascent stage and help you curb it from growing any further. However, the results might not be as effective if the infestation has progressed into its later stages.

Sticky gel traps are best placed in a hidden corner of your home such as under the refrigerator. The roaches get stuck in the sticky adhesive on these traps. The adhesive is blended with insect repellents that kill the roaches one after another. 

If you are looking for a solution that will last you in the long run, sticky gel traps are the right choice. As far as the affordability is concerned, sticky traps are extremely cost-effective. The only disadvantage is that if someone happens to accidentally touch or step on it, the adhesive will stick to them. 

Pest Removal Traps

Pest removal traps are apparatus that can be fixed inside of the drain pipes of your home. These traps are best for moderate to heavy infestation control. 

Pest removal traps work by trapping insects and solid waste materials inside them. They also help in stopping insects and rodents from entering your from inside the drain pipes. These traps can be cleaned manually and there are usually no downside to them as they are pesticide free and extremely durable. 

Prices of a pest removal trap may vary depending on its size, material type, etc. So, you can choose one according to your own convenience. 

The effectiveness of each of these traps might differ depending upon the volume of infestation and a lot of other factors. So, you will have to keep pondering what works best for you. For instance, if a sticky gel trap is not working effectively, then you may want to move its position closer to the origin of the infestation. 

We at Chilly India manufacture and sell the best in class insect, roaches, and rodent traps. Our traps are premium in quality and extremely durable. Our varied price range makes every shopping experience worthwhile. 

Shop for cockroach traps on our website and get your home rid of roach infestation. 

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