6 Things That Should Never Go Down in the Drain

6 Things That Should Never Go Down in the Drain

Drains are essential to the functioning of every household. In order to ensure that kitchens and bathrooms keep running smoothly, we must keep them unclogged. However, at times it happens that we carelessly toss dinner remains, hygiene products, colors, and a lot more into the drains. 

When the drains are brand new, they do not usually get clogged as the amount of garbage going down is negligible. But, with time this garbage can pile up. This pile of garbage can also lead to the corrosion of drain pipes and may result in their blockage or failure in the longer run and mending it can cost you big bucks. 

Hence, it is wise to take preventive measures to protect the drains in homes. It might be surprising to know that this can be done by making very small but vigilant efforts and it can save a lot of money and hassle overtime. 

Drains are made to only process liquids. However, we carelessly dump an end amount of wastage down it especially if there are kids, teenagers, or young adults at home. But, we have come up with a handy list of 6 things that you should never dump in the drain. Let us check it out. 

1. Rice

When washing utensils with rice, steamed puffed up grains tend to filter down the drain. Rice can soak water and form clumps at the bottom of your drain pipe. These clumps of rice can clog up its functioning. So before washing the rice cooker, make sure to sieve the remains and reuse them. Fermented rice water is great for hair and you can find many tutorials on how to make it. 

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are probably the most controversial item on this list. No matter fine or coarse, plumbers strongly recommend to stray away from dumping them into the drain as besides just piling up they will invite insects, fungus, and corrosion inside of your drains. So sieve the coffee remains and reuse it for washing dishes or as skin exfoliant. 

3. Eggshells 

Eggshells follow closely after coffee grounds. They can stick to the inner walls of drain pipes and harden over time making them absolutely difficult to remove. In some cases eggshells can also cause cracks and crevices in your drain pipes resulting in leakage. Eggshells can be reused to scour utensils and are ace ingredients for composting. 

4. Oil and Grease 

All the waste items from your drain pipes end up into septic tanks and then into the local sewer system. The water from the sewer gets lodged into a water body. Hence,  by dumping motor oil, petrol, chemicals, and grease you will end up contaminating water resources. As far as cooking oil is concerned, it should not go down the drain either because it will solidify and clog the functioning of the pipe. Motor oils and grease should be disposed off vigilantly in a proper facility. 

5. Animal Feces 

By dumping kitty litter or dog poop down your drain, you are causing more harm than just clogging your drain pipe. Animal feces contain harmful parasites and can lead vermin to infect your household. Also, if stuck in the drain pipe it can lead to an extremely unpleasant odor in the surroundings. 

6. Bleaches and Acids 

No, bleaches and acids are not meant for cleaning the drains or unclogging them. By lodging them in your drain pipes you might be doing more harm than good. Acids and beaches can mix with detergents or liquid soaps used for washing utensils and can form hazardous gases which if inhaled can cause serious health issues in the long run. Also, these two products are not very safe to be going in your septic tank either as these are going to eventually deteriorate the environment. 

Here are a few recommendations from us about things that should never be discarded in drain pipes. If you are watchful and combine hiring professionals for cleaning and maintenance of your drains every once in a while, they will be good to go for years to come. Use Best Quality Drain Covers to prevent solid waste in your drain pipes and manhole.

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